Oakstone Medical Publishing Website Review & Ratings + Oakstone Medical Publishing Coupons
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Oakstone Medical Publishing Website Review & Ratings + Oakstone Medical Publishing Coupons

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Products & Services

Oakstone Medical Publishing is a company that generates monthly reviews for physicians, dentists and other medical personel to keep them up to date on their profession.  Practical Reviews are peer reviewed and also meet the requirements for Continuing Medication Education or CME that is required to renew the medical license. 

Reviews are also provided in video form for those who wish to learn through this form of media.  Oakstone also provides reviews for those studying for their initial licensing tests.  Their core audience is physicians and dentists.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Company Background

Oakstone Medical Publishing is a 30-year old company that started out as a sole print media for physicians.  Thirty years ago, Birmingham radiologist Dr. Bernard Schencker had an idea for keeping up with the overwhelming amount of information in his medical journals.  From this idea grew Oakstone Medical Publishing.  Dr. Schencker retired and sold the company several years ago to Haights Cross Communications, a New York company, but Oakstone remains in Birmingham, Alabama.  With the birth of the internet, the company expanded its product line to its current website.  Based in Birmingham, Alameda the company continues to provide information for the medical profession in over 40 different specialties plus its dental reviews.  The company also provides testing reviews for those sitting for their boards.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customer feedback for this company is positive. Companies that recommend this product are the American Sports Institute, John Hopkins, the American Geriatric Society, and the American College of Chest Physicians.  I could not find any individual reviews of these products, however, on the internet.  Perhaps their use of the internet is too new to have found in depth reviews of their products.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Oakstone Medical Publishing is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Even so, the company has a rating and this rating is A+, the highest available.  The company may wish to keep its self independent and not join a service such as the BBB.  Certainly their rating is quite high and not an impedement to their signing up with the BBB.  The company is covered in major medical media such as the Journal of American Medicine and others.  The company was reaccredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) in 2011 with Commendation, the highest level possible.  This accreditation is good for six years.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows that this website has a low popularity in the United States.  This makes sense since the site only really appeals to physicians or dentists.  The site has a ranking of about 227,200 out of all websites in the United States.  The site has over 35 websites that link into it.  Daily views are often lower than 100.  About 90% of views come from the United States.  Google's Page Rank lists the site as 4/10, not a bad rank for a site with low viewer ship.  Most users are over 35 and use the site from home or work.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Social Media Presence

Oakstone Medical Publishing has several pages on social media.  The company has a Facebook page with 437 members.  This site is updated regularly.  The company also has a page at LinkedIn with 97 members.  Practical Reviews also has apps for both the Apple and Android mobile platforms.  The company does not have a blog but does sent members updates by email of new products.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Website Security & Safety

Oakstone Medical Publishing does not share customer's private information with other companies.  It does use the information to improve its products and services to its customers.  Customers may opt out of the company email updates.  Payments are handled through the company's web payment service, which uses the latest encryption technology to safe guard data.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows that the company is safe for users, without problems with malware or other invading software.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Pricing & Packages

Pricing depends on the offer that a customer accepts, but the current price for a year's subscription is about $400 and up.  CD subscriptions offer 14 issues; online subsciptions offer 28 issues.  There is also a new On Demand feature which allows the customer to put together an issue with the specialties of his or her choice.  The subsciption allows the customer to obtain up to 56 units of credit toward CME.  Many states mandate 50 credits a year.  The cost of other similar programs vary the length of the CME earned.  Some examples are given below:

CMEPhysicians:  $300 to $1400 for 50 credits or more

Challenger:  $2900 and up for lifetime membership

Oakstone - $400 to $800 for one year

Overall, the cost of the programs offered by Oakstone are a bit higher than a few programs that offer CME, but the choices are much far less limited with Oakstone.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Shipping Rates & Policies

Subscriptions over the internet with Oakstone Medical Publishing do not have any shipping costs involved.  CDs are shipped by media mail and the cost is included in the price of the CD.  The company does not ship internationally at this time.  Any users located internationally will need to access the products through the internet.  CDs usually arrive within 7 to 14 days or sooner after being ordered by the shopper.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Payment Methods Accepted

Payment methods are limited to credit cards.  The four types of credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  Businesses that want to use another methods of payment such as a Purchase Order Number should call customer service.  Debit cards may also be used as long as they are connected to a credit card accepted by the company.  Oakstone Medical Publishing does not accept cash or money orders at this time.  Alternative pay methods such as Paypal are not accepted.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Oakstone Medical Publishing does not give refunds for CDs.  They will give the customer credit to another item or replace the original item at no cost if there is a problem.  Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and the customer will receive a refund for the remaining part of the subscription.  If returning a CD to the company, call customer service to obtain a return authorization number at 800-633-4743.  Any questions may also be referred to customer service about the return policy.

Oakstone Medical Publishing: Product images & screenshots
Oakstone Medical Publishing Coupons
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